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Advantech SQF-SUSV1-32G-SBE

SQF MICRO SSD 640 32G 3D TLC Bics3 (-40~85°C) 156 ball micro SSD. Compliant with SATA III and SATA v 3.2 standard. Support Secure Erase and Write Protection. Power loss protection customization available. Support UART & GPIO .

Advantech SQF-MM5V1-64GDM9C

SQF eMMC 3D TLC BiCS5 153ball 64G (-20-85C) Compliant with JEDEC eMMC 5.1 standard. Support -40~85℃ True Wide Temperature . Support HS400 High Speed Mode. Support secure erase, write Protection and trim commands. Automotive AEC-Q100 Grade3 or Grade2 product available. sTLC high endurance selection.

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