Industrial areas

Whether it's power generation, coal mining, level crossing security or train control, all of these applications share a common goal - to move critical data from one place to another accurately and on time. Failure to do so can result in, at best, a shutdown of production, which is very costly, or, at worst, a risk to the health of passengers, which is totally unacceptable. The reliability of the components used is therefore very important, as is the quality design of the entire topology.

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  • Energy distribution
    Energy distribution

    Energy Distribution - The basic requirement of today's society is energy. We need electricity to power our cities and factories. A power outage, even for a short period of time, causes chaos and leads to significant economic problems.

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  • Reliable train networks
    Reliable train networks

    High-speed communication networks on board the train. The use of IP technology has become the norm over the last few years for establishing data communications used by train control systems (TCMS), passenger information systems (PIS) and information systems. Robust switches with a variety of IP network protocols are used to build these networks to handle absolutely critical applications in train operations.

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  • Railway applications
    Railway applications

    Westermo has many years of experience in both data communications technologies and railway applications. Westermo products are deployed both along the track and on board rolling stock, so the interaction between the two sides of the systems is very important. The real strength of Westermo products is that they can operate in the harshest environments and meet the most demanding operational standards for these applications.

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  • Oil & Gas
    Oil & Gas

    The oil and gas sector is a major driver of the global economy. Continuous upgrading is essential to maintain an adequate supply of petroleum products for global consumption. Automation and data communications within the industry are essential to improve operational efficiency and safety. Robust equipment such as Westermo's oil and gas Ethernet switches play a major role in refineries, chemical plants, oil rigs and pipeline systems to monitor large complexes and transportation facilities....

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  • Marine applications
    Marine applications

    Modern shipping solutions are becoming increasingly automated. To ensure centralized control and monitoring it is necessary to be able to collect data from many of the vessel's slave systems. Ethernet is now becoming the industry standard, offering simplicity and reliability of connectivity.

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  • Road transport
    Road transport

    As road traffic density increases worldwide, there is a need for new traffic management technologies that speed up traffic flow and improve passenger safety. Reliable data communication is essential to sustain our increasingly busy world...

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  • Water management
    Water management

    Clean water is a basic requirement for today's society. We expect to turn on the tap and have clean, potable water for all our needs. To properly treat this water and deliver it to our tap is a challenging process that requires a very high quality network. Remote access via an internet connection brings the need for cyber security to ensure that the network cannot be attacked either by accident or on purpose. A modern water treatment plant needs a robust data communication solution.

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  • Healthcare

    Complete medical solutions from data storage servers to high-resolution image display devices to so-called All-in-One medical terminals, i.e. imaging units with integrated computer.

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  • Transmission system
    Transmission system

    Energy is a fundamental requirement of today's society. We need electricity to power our cities and factories. Power cuts, even for short periods, cause chaos and lead to significant economic problems.

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  • Automation of factories
    Automation of factories

    In the world of factory automation, Ethernet has quickly replaced serial communication as the preferred method of data exchange. All PLC, HMI, I/O, inverter and drive automation equipment now have RJ-45 interfaces as standard. However, it is not possible to replace all the serial devices at once, as this would be both very costly, but also not necessary to replace the functioning serial device. Westermo therefore equips its Ethernet products with RS-232/422/485 serial ports so that these...

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