Support is a very important part of our partnership duty. Any breakdown or downtime costs money or can put health at risk. Please make use of our experts already when consulting the design of your application. The right design not only has a positive impact on the initial investment, but also on the efficiency of the operation in the long run.

If you do not find the required information in this section, please contact our technical support.

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  • WeOS firmware update
    WeOS firmware update

    For cyber security reasons it is necessary to download the firmware from the manufacturer's website. For the latest update, you need to enter the email to which the download link will be sent. Older versions can be downloaded without registration.

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  • Application support
    Application support

    Each application has to be approached individually and the individual aspects have to be assessed in great detail before the actual project design. Perfect design leads to effective results and return on investment.

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  • WeOS operating system
    WeOS operating system

    The WeOS operating system is a cutting-edge Linux-based software that powers the most reliable switches and routers available on the market today. WeOS has broad support for network and security protocols that are easy to configure and manage. System features include static routing, IPSec VPN, DMZ, and a powerful firewall to protect sensitive data, among many others. WeOS combined with robust Westermo hardware creates the world's most reliable network.

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  • Warranty and Claims
    Warranty and Claims

    If you are going to make a complaint, please fill in the following form, which will speed up the process considerably. Please attach a copy of the form to the product being claimed...

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  • Technical support
    Technical support

    Our priority is to provide quality and fast technical support, so don't hesitate to contact a technician by email or phone. +420 722 722 104

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