2U Intel® Xeon® Series

2U Intel® Xeon® Series

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Advantech FWA-6172-00A1R

Network Appliance, 2U, Dual Intel SPR, 8 NMC Up to 52 cores per socket with overall cores x frequency improvement for dynamic network processing. Up to 16 DDR5 RDIMM memory with increased speed to boost computing capability . Expandable Ethernet capability via Advantech Network Mezzanine Card (NMC) with up to 200GbE bandwidth per slot. High availability...

Advantech FWA-6072-00A1R

Network Appliance,2U, Single Intel SPR, 8 NMC Up to 52 cores for NFV needs with single 4th Generation Intel® Xeon® scalable processors. Up to 16 DDR5 RDIMM memory to boost computing capability. 8 x NMC with PCIe Gen5 for networking (Compatible with Gen4 & Gen3. High availability system with redundant solutions. Managing system with Advantech in-house...

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