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Power supplies

Power supplies

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Advantech BB-RPS-V3-PSE

PoE PSE Power supply, SmartFlex/SmarMotion, without cord 48V/1.35A. Without Power Cord (ID). 2-pin Molex SmartFlex connector.

Advantech RPS-ICR2-EU

Power Supply, ICR2, 12V/1A, 6-pin, EU p For ICR-2xxx Celular Routers. 12V DC / 1A. EU Plug. Lenght of cable 1.5 m, Terminal block 6-pins.

Advantech RPS-ICR4-WR2-M

Power Supply, 12V/1,5A, EU,UK,US,AUS pl For ICR-44xx Cellular Routers. 12 V DC / 1.5 A. EU, UK, US, AUS Plugs. Lenght of cable 1.4 m. Terminal block 2-pins.

Advantech BB-KN-V3-MO2-3

Power supply cable SmartFlex/SmartMotion, 3m Cable length 3 m, 2-wire. Molex connector with 2pins.

Advantech RPS-ICR4-WR2-PSE

Power Supply, 48/1.35A, PoE PSE For ICR-44xx Cellular Routers equipped PoE PSE. 48 V DC / 1.35A. Lenght of cable 1.5 m. Terminal block 2-pins. Power cable BB-PWRCORD-(EU, AUS, UK, US) required.

Advantech RPS-ICR2-US

Power Supply, ICR-2000, 12V/1A, 6-pin, US plug For ICR-2000 Cellular Routers. 12V DC / 1A. US plug. 6-pin Terminal block. Lenght of cable 1.5 m.

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Advantech BB-KN-MO4-1.5

Power supply cable SmartStart, 1,5m Cable length 1.5 m, 4-wire. MiniMolex connector 4pins.

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