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  • The first Industrial Westermo PoE switch
    The first Industrial Westermo PoE switch

    Westermo's compact industrial PoE switch is designed for mission-critical networks with high power requirements and an extreme focus on cybersecurity. The device supports ring redundancy and other essential features for critical infrastructure.

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  • Operation monitoring / predictive maintenance
    Operation monitoring / predictive maintenance

    We will take care of your reliable and trouble-free operation. By continuously monitoring the condition of all key elements of your operation, we can respond before a problem occurs

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  • Innotrans 2022
    Innotrans 2022

    Come with us to InnoTrans. It will be our pleasure to host you in Berlin at the Westermo stand on 20-23 September 2022. We will show you the latest innovations in industrial communications, the latest trends in cyber security and global references in transport. Booth 460 will be set up in Hall 4.1. Please arrange your visit well in advance so that we can provide you with maximum comfort.

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  • Maintaining the Automotive Industry’s High-Quality Standards Using Smart Systems
    Maintaining the Automotive Industry’s High-Quality Standards Using Smart Systems

    The auto manufacturer is seeking a solution of intelligent systems to reduce downtimes on production lines, ensure they provide high-standard quality products while maintaining low labor costs. Advantech is an excellent ally to face the challenges of Industry 4.0, providing efficient solutions focused on continuous improvement in processes.

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  • Machine Learning Edge Management Platform
    Machine Learning Edge Management Platform

    An operational technology (OT) software company that focuses on digital transformation is developing an automated device management solution on order to help users deploy trained machine learning algorithms to edge computers.

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  • IoT Management Platform to Secure Edge Integrity for Factory Automation
    IoT Management Platform to Secure Edge Integrity for Factory Automation

    A leading global provider of semiconductor manufacturing services for assembly and testing needed a solution in order to monitor its operating equipment, which was scattered across the production line following malware attacks, caused by a manual mistake of production line personnel. The provider needed to quickly recover its malfunctioning equipment and make sure future similar problems did not persist.

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  • Accelerating AI Robotics Development
    Accelerating AI Robotics Development

    With ongoing advancements in new AI technology, visual recognition, smart sensors and smart robotic applications have begun to appear in service sectors such as warehouse, shopping malls and retail chain stores. To embrace this trend, Advantech has launched the AIR-020 with NVIDIA Jetson AI-based design and AI computing focus on service robots. This kind of solutions are highly acceptable in recent years because of human resources saving, service quality enhancing and operational efficiency...

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  • Advantech Cooperates with VinBigData to Develop Artificial Intelligence Applications
    Advantech Cooperates with VinBigData to Develop Artificial Intelligence Applications

    Advantech is one of the leaders in smart IoT solutions, especially in the fields of industrial production, healthcare and smart cities. Meanwhile, VinBigData is one of the leading enterprises in Vietnam in artificial intelligence development, providing technology products and platform solutions based on big data and artificial intelligence , especially in the fields of computer vision and smart healthcare. VinBigData is also a partner for Advantech's PACS (cloud-based medical image data...

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  • Explosion Proof LoRaWAN Smart Vibration Sensor in Oil Refinery
    Explosion Proof LoRaWAN Smart Vibration Sensor in Oil Refinery

    Refineries are very large industrial complexes that involve many different processing units and auxiliary facilities, such as crude oil distillation units, vacuum distillation units, heat exchangers, cooling towers, and many more. These facilities are dispersed over a vast industrial complex, and some of them are in hazardous environments or nearly inaccessible locations, thus making maintenance extremely difficult. The project needed a pre-integrated predictive maintenance solution, linking...

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  • Vision Positioning Solution for Wafer Cleaning
    Vision Positioning Solution for Wafer Cleaning

    Wafer cleaning is a crucial part of the semiconductor manufacturing process. The wafer cleaning process removes the photoresist, organic substances, metals, particles, and impurities. It then polishes the wafers using chemical solvents and water, which ensures a precise wafer yield rate. Wafers are cleaned before and after each process throughout the entire IC production line and takes up approximately 1/3 of the whole production time. In the highly competitive IC wafer production business,...

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  • Yogurt Container Maker Uses Visual Inspection System to Increase Quality Control
    Yogurt Container Maker Uses Visual Inspection System to Increase Quality Control

    An Australian dairy company has been producing the purest high quality set yogurt in traditional pots for over 60 years. Their success stems from their commitment to quality control and the delivery of the most natural of products using sustainable, cost-effective methods. In keeping with their spirit of innovation and commitment to quality, the yogurt manufacturer requires quality at every step of the process, which includes the special containers used to package their main product—yogurt.

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  • Korenix uvádí na trh novou řadu průmyslových přepínačů M12 Layer 3 pro spolehlivá železniční řešení
    Korenix uvádí na trh novou řadu průmyslových přepínačů M12 Layer 3 pro spolehlivá železniční řešení

    Společnost Korenix Technology (Beijer Electronics Group), která poskytuje průmyslová drátová a bezdrátová síťová komunikační řešení, s potěšením představuje svůj nový průmyslový M12 PoE switch - JetNet 7520P-HVDC/ 7516P- HVDC. Jedná se o průmyslový přepínač M12 s 16/12 porty Fast Ethernet M12 D-Code, 4 porty Gigabit Ethernet M12 X-Code. Porty Fast Ethernet jsou navíc vybaveny systémem PSE. Systém podporuje široký rozsah vstupního napájení, aby vyhovoval většině moderních vlaků. Push-pull a...

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  • Ring topology
    Ring topology

    Nowadays, the circle is the standard for any communication application. A ring will provide much greater reliability but also security of data transmission for access to systems, and therefore successful investors quite naturally require circular wiring. When the communication infrastructure is interrupted in a ring, there is always a backup route to access the entire system. However, data exchange in the ring requires sophisticated measures against network congestion called broadcast storms....

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  • Serial data transfer
    Serial data transfer

    Serial protocols are rapidly being replaced by IP solutions already in industrial, conservative environments. The advantages of IP networks are clear - interoperability between devices, the ability to use conventional structured cabling and simple setup and control via PC-based software. Despite all this, thousands and thousands of older, expensive but still well-functioning serial-only devices are still used in industry. Westermo has products to connect these devices to modern networks.

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  • Optical connectivity
    Optical connectivity

    The global trend is clearly increasing the number of fiber optic installations for data communications. The immunity to electromagnetic interference, the ability to communicate over very long distances and the response time thus clearly capture the physical advantages of light.

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  • WeConnect

    WeConnect is a networking solution that enables secure remote access to networks, each of which is perfectly isolated from all others. Strong encryption allows secure access to any network device using a PC, smartphone or tablet. Thus, being able to access technology that is anywhere in the world means significant time and money savings.

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  • WeConfig

    WeConfig makes configuration and management more efficient, simple and reliable. Many hours of configuration work can be saved during initial installation and in-service maintenance. Time-consuming tasks can be handled automatically from one place for the entire large installation when setting up or updating. WeConfig minimizes the risk of human-related setup errors while recommending the optimal network configuration. A properly configured and monitored network with a simple and robust...

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  • WeOS

    Westermo Operating System is a leading-edge operating system for industrial networks that is continuously developed and thoroughly tested. It powers the best switches and routers on the market today to provide resilient and reliable communications in industrial environments. WeOS supports a wide range of industrial and security protocols and is designed in a simple and straightforward configuration format. WeOS together with Westermo hardware creates the world's most reliable networking...

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  • Industrial cyber security
    Industrial cyber security

    Cyber threats are particularly dangerous in today's world of industrial technology. The mere thought of a hacker remotely controlling an industrial complex, whether it's a power generation, coal mining or road tunnel, is quite chilling. Westermo is fully aware of the seriousness of such threats and has therefore set aside space in its structure for an independent cybersecurity department that not only continuously raises the security level of its products, but also sets security trends in...

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  • Extending the network beyond the limits
    Extending the network beyond the limits

    Westermo has a solution that makes it possible to ignore the limits of communication over conventional cables. Conventional UTP cables allow Ethernet to be transmitted typically up to 100 meters. Wolwerine's Ethernet extenders allow you to go much further than this using many different types of cables already installed.

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  • Extreme Networking Solution
    Extreme Networking Solution

    Business efficiency and customer satisfaction, along with small environmental impacts, create communication challenges for many companies. Data transmission is the central nervous system of the critical applications on which we depend for life. There is a need to ensure absolutely reliable uninterrupted operation for, for example, potable water, electricity, transport and rail services, and their thorough inspection and maintenance. It is good to have the right solution in place because if...

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  • WeOS firmware update
    WeOS firmware update

    For cyber security reasons it is necessary to download the firmware from the manufacturer's website. For the latest update, you need to enter the email to which the download link will be sent. Older versions can be downloaded without registration.

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  • Westermo Viper switches connect innovative LCD train windows
    Westermo Viper switches connect innovative LCD train windows

    Mobility as a service (MaaS) is a concept that aims to provide alternatives to private-owned transport that are just as convenient, but more sustainable and cost-efficient for travellers. At the forefront of the MaaS movement is RATP Group, the French public transport operator, which is putting users at the core of transport services, offering them tailor-made mobility solutions based on their individual needs.

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  • Application support
    Application support

    Each application has to be approached individually and the individual aspects have to be assessed in great detail before the actual project design. Perfect design leads to effective results and return on investment.

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