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Advantech 96MPI5S-3.2-6M11T

CORE 3.2G 6M 1151P 4 CORE I5-6500 Intel 6th Generation Core i5-6500. Up to 3.6 GHz. 6 MB Cache. LGA1151.

Advantech 96MPI5S-2.3-6M11T1

CORE 2.3G 6M 1151P 4 CORE I5-6500TE Intel 6th Generation Core i5-6500TE. Up to 3.3 GHz. 6 MB Cache. LGA1151.

Advantech 96MPI7S-3.4-8M11T

CORE 3.4G 8M 1151P 4 CORE I7-6700 Intel 6th Generation Core i7-6700. Up to 4.0 GHz. 8 MB Cache. LGA1150.

Advantech 96MPI7S-2.4-8M11T1

CORE 2.4G 8M 1151P 4 CORE I7-6700TE Intel 6th Generation Core i7-6700TE. Up to 3. 4 GHz. 8 MB Cache. LGA1151.

Advantech 96MPXECA-2.1-22M36

XEON 2.1G 22M 3647P 16C 105W Gold 5218T Intel Xeon Gold 5218T. 2.1 GHz. 22 MB Cache. FCLGA3647.

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Advantech 96MPI-13700T-16E

CORE I7 1.4G 24M 16C 1700P I7-13700T Intel Core i7-13700T. 1.4GHz. 24MB Cache. FCLGA1700.

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Advantech 96MPI-13700E-16E

CORE I7 1.9G 24M 16C 1700P I7-13700E Intel Core i7-13700E. 1.9GHz. 24MB Cache. FCLGA1700.

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