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Westermo Merlin-4607-T4-S2-LV-QFZ
  • Westermo Merlin-4607-T4-S2-LV-QFZ
  • Westermo Merlin-4607-T4-S2-LV-QFZ
  • Westermo Merlin-4607-T4-S2-LV-QFZ
  • Westermo Merlin-4607-T4-S2-LV-QFZ
  • Westermo Merlin-4607-T4-S2-LV-QFZ
  • Westermo Merlin-4607-T4-S2-LV-QFZ
  • Westermo Merlin-4607-T4-S2-LV-QFZ
  • Westermo Merlin-4607-T4-S2-LV-QFZ
  • Westermo Merlin-4607-T4-S2-LV-QFZ

Westermo Merlin-4607-T4-S2-LV-QFZ

Industrial IEC 61850-3 Cellular Router

  • LTE Cat 4
  • Trusted Platform Module
  • 4 x 100 Mbit/s RJ-45 (4kV isolation, 5kV surge)
  • 2 x Mini SIM card slot
  • 2 x Serial port configurable as RS232 or RS485, RJ-45
  • 1 x GPS SMA female antenna connector

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The Merlin 4600 series of versatile cellular routers provide high speed data network connectivity for demanding industrial, smart grid and trackside applications. Coupled with the Zero Touch deployment software Activator, it provides cost-effective, reliable, and consistent onboarding of routers in large-scale projects.

This compact, rugged unit is suited to tight spaces. It meets the requirements of IEC 61850-3 Class 1 Medium Voltage substation and also railway trackside EN 50121-4. The power supply and Ethernet ports benefit from a high level of galvanic isolation, up to 4 kVrms. Its high MTBF and wide temperature range support maximum service life.

To achieve best-in-class cybersecurity, the Merlin 4600 series is equipped with a TPM (Trusted Platform Module) chip that keeps cryptographic keys secure. Secure Boot ensures that the unit boots using only software that is signed and trusted by manufacturer. A set of cybersecurity tools is available as standard including VPN and stateful Firewall support for data security and user authentication.

The built-in industrial protocol gateway enables several devices using different protocols to be accessed via a common protocol interface. The unit supports up to 6 digital inputs and 2 outputs for local control or monitoring. Support for more digital inputs and outputs is possible using external modules.

✔ Versatile Cat 4 LTE router for energy, industrial and trackside applications

• Complies with IEC 61850-3 Class 1 for medium voltage substations
• EN 50121-4 track side approval
• Zero-touch large scale deployment
• Multi-service support: LTE, Fast Ethernet/GbE SFP, Digital I/Os,
• Ports have high level of galvanic isolation
• Acts as mini-RTU with its own digital inputs and outputs
• Industrial protocol gateway and conversion

✔ Best-in-class Cybersecurity

• Secure Boot ensures software is authentic and unmodified
• Trusted Platform Module keeps cryptographic keys secure
• Cybersecurity suite: 802.1X, IPSec encryption, stateful firewall


Data sheet

EN 50121-4



Data sheet, Merlin-4600 series


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