Advantech HIT-512-11C20B-CE
  • Advantech HIT-512-11C20B-CE
  • Advantech HIT-512-11C20B-CE
  • Advantech HIT-512-11C20B-CE

Advantech HIT-512-11C20B-CE

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  • Innovative and ultra-slim design for healthcare and hospitality applications.
  • All-in-one computer with Intel® Apollo Lake CPU.
  • IP65 rated front panel.
  • Supports M.2 2230 WiFi / BT modules and M.2 2242 SSDs.
  • Supports RFID/NFC/Web Camera/Smart Card Reader.
  • Supports LED indicator.
  • Rich optional peripherals – Handset/2nd Smart Card Reader, Barcode Scanner/PoE, RFID/MSR.
  • Supports 75x75mm VESA mount.
  • Dual certification (Medical and ITE).
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* Advantech product versions are identified by the last two characters in the product name, with later letters indicating newer versions (e.g., AE, BE, CE, etc.). To see other versions of this product, please click here: Advantech HIT-512-11C20B-CE

HIT-512 is ideal for applications within hospitals, such as nurse calls or bedside information terminals. It is also suitable for other healthcare-related environments such as treatment centers, eldercare, and fitness centers.
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